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Do you want to offer your customers a full design service without the costs associated with having an in-house professional designer? OakBridge Development LLC is your experienced design source, and we give you the advantage of offering your clients full design services for your projects, and even help you market these services to your customers. We can come to the clients’ design meetings with you, or handle these meetings solely with the client, while still fully representing your company. We can bill the client directly, or we can bill you so you can add the appropriate margin to the fee. We are here to serve you and make your business better!


We are here to serve you and make your business thrive. We don't compete for your clients, but we do enhance the services you provide to customers. We are also very agile; we can work through you by representing your company, or we can work directly with the clients. People love visualization, and providing a great up-front presence for your customer helps differentiate your offerings from your competitors. We are also very thorough, as we take the time needed to provide the fine details that customers want. Whether they come to you with a purchased set of plans they want modified, come with images from the Internet, or bring you a hand-drawn sketch, we can quickly and efficiently turn any idea into a 3-D parametric design, all at an outstanding value.


We offer a 10% discount to all professionals, which allows you to pass the savings on to the client, or add an appropriate margin. We can bill the client directly, or invoice your company,... the choice is yours.


We can provide media for your marketing efforts to help you differentiate your capabilities from your competitors, and spruce up direct-mail or website material. If you need a website, we can do that too! We have many existing templates that allow you to have a responsive website (works on phones and PCs) at a great value, and much cheaper than media design companies!


We also offer to participate in affiliate programs, where our companies can assist each other, and help your clients through the entire design and build process.

Add Value

Customers Want 3D
Lower Levels
Great Basement Designs
Feasability Studies
Know It Will Work


Any Size, Style, or Type
Great Outdoor Spaces.
Detached/Free Standing


Rework Existing Space
Scheduling, Cost, Scope
Suppliment your Media

Custom Designs

Visualization is key! We enable your clients to fully visualize their project before they commit, which will help you win jobs and referrals. We are here to help you, and can assist with any part of your project, from 100% custom home designs, to reimagining that new kitchen, to the basement of your clients' dreams. We can also provide 3-D parametric rendering, video walk-throughs, live section renderings, furniture and accessory placement, lot features, and more! Great visualization gets customers!

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